Sunday, November 27, 2005

Episode 2: GameTalk360

Edit! For some reason the new Episode wont show up on the front page so the link is here for the moment. Ep. 3.
Well try to get it out on the front page as soon as possbile.

Download - Shownotes

Hey guys, the second episode is up and will be a bit diffrent this week. all the lastest news and game reviews are still in, but this week you'll find some new things here on GameTalk. A Gamer word of the week, and a weekly hit(song) will be up this week. Hope you guys like the new layout of gametalk.

News RunDown - 360’s robbed!, Tivo Recordings on the PSP, 360 glitches isolated, US Tops the World Cyber Games, Hackers Start your engines! Jack Thompson Revoked!, Microsoft loses money on each 360 sold, Ps3 to cost between $300-$400.

Weekly Sigh of Relief - The DS passes the Toilet Test

Weekly Hit - SkyDive v2

Gamer Word of the Week - nOOb



Monday, November 21, 2005

MTV GameORS week

Well last night, November 20th 2005, started off MTV’s GameORS week. They opened the week off with “Life: I’m a Professional Gamer” which was followed by some pointless show following some dudes trying to win Microsoft’s Hex contest.

Personally I really enjoy watching the True Life: I’m a Professional Gamer, which followed three different people who played three totally different games. Read on...


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Episode 1: The Xbox360 Pre-Launch Show

The first episode of GameTalk is finally out. Kind of a big file as the show coming in just under 53 minuets. Hopefully you guys will like the show this week and here is a run-down and what to expect.

First Episode, 360 just a week away, Launch titles for the 360 announced, Xbox360's backwards capability's list revealed, Sony says no live for the ps3, Nintendo gets pirated, PS3's Boomerbrang to Stay, Play station's DRM rumor - False, DS Wifi – finally out, Spike Video Game Results (All not included), MTV's Video Gamer Week

Special Thanks to Foo Mo Jive for all his help and thanks to Painkilla05 for his mp3, keep 'em coming man.


Friday, November 18, 2005


Hey guys sorry for the short delay but we here at gametalk have had a little set back. My job got in the way and rescheduled me to work hours that made me unable to record this week. Thunder and I have not scheduled a certain time yet, but expect the first episode to be out soon. Also, were looking for writiers for the site, moderators for the forums, and other stuff related to the site/cast. If you are insterested in helping out e-mail me at



Monday, November 14, 2005

Test Ep.


Hey guys, GLewis again and i'm here to post our very first cast. This episode is about what the cast will be about and what our future will be like. Hope you guys like the show and tune back for more updates! Check out the forums to submit news and mp3's that could be out on the first episode.



Thunder : Back from Boston

Hey guys, it's Feel the Thunder. I haven't posted here yet due to when the site was booted up I was literally going out of the door for a school trip to Boston. So now that I'm back, I welcome you to the site and I hope you enjoy the Podcast. Hope a community forms and we can have some fun.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Backwards capability and launch title lists revealed for the 360

Microsoft and Xbox have finally released the list of games that Xbox360 buyers will be able to play. With 19 launch title games and over 200 returning games from the original Xbox, 360 gamers will have plenty of games to choose from. Read on...

Friday, November 11, 2005

Site News!

Alright people it looks like GameTalk is up and running, mock podcasting has begun and the first eposide shouldn't be to far behind. I'm not exactly sure when the first eposide will be out but it will most likely be out before Thanksgiving. Now, GameTalk will not only be a gaming podcast it will also be a site with articles on gaming, but wait there's a catch.

The articles posted on the site will be by you, the listeners, with a few articles from yours truely. Write what you think is important and see it up on the front page, providing Thunder and I apporve of what you've written. To submit news for the site either email me me at GLewis202@gmail or post it up on our newly made forums, which you can link to on the navigation bar to your right. On the forums you can also submit news that could be read off during the podcast, find info on sending in mp3's to be heard on the show, or chat with fellow GameTalk comers. More updates and articles to come so check back over the next few days, and remember Game.On.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hey people, welcome to GameTalk, a gaming podcast that will bring you the up-to-date info on gaming news, community stuff, and some other things along the way. My Co-host, Feel The Thunder, and I, GLewis, will be bringing you GameTalk weekly. So check back over the next weeks for site news, game news, and GameTalk Feeds.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


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