Sunday, November 20, 2005

Episode 1: The Xbox360 Pre-Launch Show

The first episode of GameTalk is finally out. Kind of a big file as the show coming in just under 53 minuets. Hopefully you guys will like the show this week and here is a run-down and what to expect.

First Episode, 360 just a week away, Launch titles for the 360 announced, Xbox360's backwards capability's list revealed, Sony says no live for the ps3, Nintendo gets pirated, PS3's Boomerbrang to Stay, Play station's DRM rumor - False, DS Wifi – finally out, Spike Video Game Results (All not included), MTV's Video Gamer Week

Special Thanks to Foo Mo Jive for all his help and thanks to Painkilla05 for his mp3, keep 'em coming man.



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