Thursday, December 22, 2005

VoiceMail and Roundtable Update!

Hey guys well from popular demand we finally have a voice mail for everyone to call! No need to send in those mp3's now you can just pick up your phone and give GameTalk a jingle at (206) 426-3233 or (206) Game-233. Either way its the same number so call it up and leave us messages that will be played on the next show!

Now for the roundtable update. We dont have a definate time at the moment but were looking at either Christmas Night or the Tuesday night after Christmas. We also need to find out how to find a web-based messaging system that lets everyone call it and record what we all say, which we are looking for at the moment. If anyone has a suggestion for the web-based messaing, meaning if you know a site that lets us do that. Then please tell Thunder or I.

Thanks Guys,


  • At 6:12 AM, Blogger Painkilla05 said…

    Anytime after Christmas is bad for me because im going to Florida.


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